The Vytautas Mineral SPA source

The wellness and relaxation complex Vytautas Mineral SPA is located on a 9-hectare plot of land. Only 100 metres separate the complex and the beautiful bank of the Nemunas River. A 715-metre deep source of mineral water, which in terms of its mineralisation and properties resembles the water of the Dead Sea, is only 20 metres away from the facilities. The water from the Vytautas Mineral SPA source is used for a variety of treatments and therapies. This unique water has a beneficial effect for treating nervous, digestive, joint diseases and for reducing stress.

Vytautas Mineral SPA offers health strengthening programmes for always rushing modern people whose lives are full of stress. Our programmes were developed by professionals and will help to regain not only your spiritual and emotional balance but also teach you how to change your lifestyle in a targeted manner.

Our spa services and building interior merge to create a unity that will be beneficial for your body and soul. This is why the SPA corridors have rounded, smooth shapes.

The resort town of Birštonas

Birštonas has been known for its mineral water sources for many centuries. There are entries in the archives of Kaliningrad that were made by crusader scouts. They stated they had discovered “an estate near salty water” called Birstein.

Starting from 1846, the treatment of patients was started in Birštonas: professors of Vilnius University confirmed that the mineral water found here is beneficial for health. It was at that time that Birštonas received the name of the healing water town. It is believed that this water is beneficial both for your body and soul.

The fresh air, a Nemunas loop, Vytautas mound, sources of mineral water, and the beauty and silence of Birštonas have all been appreciated by people of the arts. They come here both for relaxing and presenting their latest performances, concerts, exhibitions. An international jazz festival has been held in Birštonas for many years.

Birštonas is a town of tranquillity and a place where you can forget your everyday problems and think about yourself and your well-being. It is a place that will change your life and make you enjoy and welcome each day of your life.

Vytautas Mineral SPA is situated on the grounds of a water and mud therapy centre designed over three decades ago. Only the basement and the structure of the old facilities have remained. The complex with an area of over 12,000 sq m provides 165 rooms for 350 guests.