The fitness area of Vytautas Mineral SPA is equipped to guarantee the best body strengthening and firming results.

The aerobics/yoga rooms are intended for intensive calorie-burning cardio sessions, body-firming yoga lessons, and muscle-invigorating sessions.

The kinesitherapy room is intended for inner muscle training sessions that strengthen your body and improve your overall well-being.

Group training sessions:

  • Group training session (45 min)
  • Yoga (45 min)
  • Bioenergy exercise for the elderly (45 min)
  • Pilates (45 min)
  • Movement/dance therapy (45 min)
  • Functional/balance training session (45 min)
  • Functional strength training session (45 min)
  • Slimming exercise (45 min)
  • Healthy back exercise (45 min)
  • Exercise for pregnant women (45 min)

Prices of group training sessions

  • One session – EUR 6
  • 10 sessions in 2 months – EUR 48


Opt for a customised training programme that guarantees the best results.

Prices of consultations and personal sessions:

  • Trainer/kinesitherapy expert consultation (30 min) – EUR 18
  • Trainer/kinesitherapy expert consultation, including drafting of a personal programme (60 min) – EUR 25
  • Personal training session with a trainer/kinesitherapy expert (1 session) – EUR 12
  • Personal training session with a trainer/kinesitherapy expert (10 sessions in 2 months) – EUR 96


The Nemunas Loops Regional Park that surrounds Vytautas Mineral SPA will provide a complex visual, scent and sound therapy.

Active leisure outdoors (depending on the season):

  • Bike trips:
    • Žvėrinčius forest path: a route of 15 km.
    • Siponiai forest and Nemajūnai path: a route of 36 km.
  • Nordic walking: Škėvonys educational natural path (length: 1.6 km).
  • Rowing/canoeing in the Nemunas.
  • Outdoor tennis.
  • Fishing in the Nemunas and Verknė.