A holistic approach

We first think about the human being. Not about his spine, legs or hands but rather about him as a whole. The treatment approach of Vytautas Mineral SPA is holistic. The key objective of Vytautas Mineral SPA is to deal with the reasons for poor well-being and to introduce the principles of a healthy, relaxed and happy life. The mission of Vytautas Mineral SPA is to help you to restore your energy and make you smile again. A smile is a sign of a healthy, relaxed, positive person. Get some minerals, relax, change your life and accumulate energy for facing new challenges! Become strong and smile again!

The Vytautas Mineral SPA approach

The health experts of Vytautas Mineral SPA have developed a unique wellness method based on:

  • The centuries-old spa traditions of Birštonas,
  • Eastern wisdom,
  • Modern treatment methods, and
  • The unique natural mineral water.

Mineral water treatments, massages, personal movement therapy sessions, an intensive physical therapy programme, and energy-providing food from Vytautas mineral SPA will guarantee the best results.