Vytautas Mineral SPA restaurant

The Vytautas Mineral SPA restaurant blends seasonal foods, the produce of local farmers, healthy eating habits, and a modern approach. A spacious, modern restaurant can host approximately 300 people and offers both buffet and a la carte menus. Our chef will prepare local delicacies for you.

Vytautas Mineral SPA food culture

Nutrition is the essence of health. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates

The Vytautas Mineral SPA food is beneficial both for your body and soul. We promote natural, fresh products, healthy ingredients, and responsible consumption. The Vytautas Mineral SPA food culture is grounded on the wisdom of centuries and latest healthy nutrition studies.


The Lounge Bar invites you to socialise, laugh, feel music rhythms, and taste healthy local foods and snacks.

The Mineral Bar offers an injection of natural mineral shots with ingredients from underground sources.


The mineral therapy

The Vytautas Mineral SPA spring is a unique source of natural minerals. As the underground water washes rocks for millions of years, natural minerals in the form ideal for our organisms form. These minerals are created naturally, which means that they are the best choice for our bodies. The unique minerals of Vytautas Mineral SPA are also used in spa treatments and diets. The minerals of Vytautas Mineral SPA will become the daily food for your cells.